Herobrine Returns: BLOOPERS - Alex and Steve Adventures (Minecraft Animation)

This 3-minute long video features all the highlights and bloopers from the most recent Minecraft adventure series: Herobrine Returns.



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In this blooper-packed video, you will be able to see extremely hilarious failing moments of the animation where the characters meet with unexpected situations and even death, which is like black humor. Though animation itself does not contain bloopers when it is made, the producers added those bloopers after the release of the animation for the audience for them to have an aftertaste of the originally solemn film with a hint of humor. A wide diversity of failures can be seen in this short video and bring to you endless fun. To conclude, the blooper-filled short video is recommended for those Minecraft animation lovers who just finished watching the original animated version and want to have more experience in this animation series. You will not be able to stop laughing while watching this video and hope it will make your day.