TAKE BACK THE END - Alex and Steve Adventures (Minecraft Animation)

Get ready to defend the land with Steve and Alex against the attack from the group of Nether Knights. 



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The Ender Kingdom is under the threat of enemies and the castle and the king are their targets. Though the protagonists had a tough fight, thankfully, Trent and the group of Ender Knights finally turn to their side, especially Flynn the Ender dragon, and Lone. This time, they are supposed to fight together to take the land back before it is too late. Titled Take Back The End--Alex and Steve Adventures, this 10-minute and 41-second animation will provide you with an authentic and immersive Minecraft experience together with visual enjoyment. In a nutshell, the animation is boasting its smooth and amazing action-packed battles and the heart-gripping background music, together creating an exciting and adventurous atmosphere. The animation is recommended for Minecraft players and fans who want to gain more special experience in the world of Minecraft.