ICEBOUND (Minecraft Animation)

This 8-minute or so time-length animation called Icebound features the most phenomenal Minecraft characters and displays to the viewers the adventure of the protagonists to save the homeland from the enemies. 



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The protagonist is assigned the mission of rescuing the trapped people in a cold land. Thanks to the assistance of the magical fox, he was able to find a temple which is totally frozen. Within it, the magical power of freezing is contained and the protagonist also meets with the challenge of being frozen. To our surprise, the protagonist managed to find ways to unfreeze the land and set all the trapped hostages free. The sun is finally back and the land is embraced by the warmth of the sun. In sum, the animation is filled with excellent and exciting battle scenes and the soundtrack also adds to the whole immersive atmosphere of the film. The story plot is even more intriguing for viewers to enjoy. Icebound is an action-packed adventure that will bring you to the world of Minecraft.